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Bringing joy and connection back to the world through 'a touch of gentleness'.

Helen Prosper Founder and CEO

Helen has over twenty-five years experience as a counsellor, play therapist, havening practitioner, integrative nutritional health coach, massage therapist and instructor. She has trained in many different therapeutic modalities which she uses to support people of all ages.

Throughout her career Helen has worked in a wide variety of settings including Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, hospices for children and adults, GP surgeries, schools, care homes, shelters for the homeless and in the corporate world.

Over this time Helen has worked with and observed in children and adults alike the power of listening and touch in communication, healing and wellness.

Jerry Brooks Secretary

Jerry has worked in the community and in the church as a priest for almost 25 years. Sitting at the bedside of countless people who are ill in hospital or at home, he has known the power of listening and holding the hand of the sick. Jerry has witnessed how it can help ease the pain of loneliness and illness. He understands the importance of providing community and support to those in crises and has a particular interest in working with the old and the dying. The epidemic of loneliness amongst the retired community is ever growing and he helped set up a local charity to help overcome this in his home town.

Jo Morphy

Creative Director

Jo was brought up and spent thirty years in Greece which gave her a love of travel all over the world. She has seen how the power of gentleness has been transformative amongst the very poorest people of India when she was running a project in the shanty towns there.

They would be the first in line to promote this amazing etiquette of caring and gentleness that ATOG brings to the world “one hand at a time”.

Living in the UK for the last 21 years while raising her son has allowed Jo to focus more on her art including; drawing, bead embroidery and upcycling Asian textiles. She learnt her love of form, beads and colour from traveling extensively in the Mediterranean, Asia and Australia. She remains on a quest to find ways to create a better, inclusive and more equal world for every living thing.

She currently makes and sells upcycled and new handmade items in her ETSY SHOP.

Also, organic t-shirts from my ‘Leaf people’ shop on Teemill.

Nicky Jarrett


I have had so many different interests and my journey of personal discovery started in 1987 when I went to university as a mature student and studied Anthropology. Following this I developed my skills in counselling and trained as an Occupational Therapist.

I have worked with adults with mental health concerns for over twenty years. Along side this in 2003 I started focusing on mind/body and spiritual health and I became a Reiki Master teaching and offering 1: treatment session.

Currently I combine my Reiki practice with making soap. I am also a keen cyclist and the co-ordinator for Unique who offer cycling to an all-ability group of people, which I am very proud to be part of.

I am delighted to be part of A Touch of Gentleness and look forward to using my skills and interests in supporting Helen and the organisation.

Mitch Smith


Having worked in the corporate world for large multinationals for a number of years, Mitch moved into development and training in 2019. First, working independently, then forming Dolphinblue as a partnership in 2017.

Dolphinblue now has 6 partners and a team of associates providing learning & organisational development for individuals and companies around the world.

Mitch lives near Brighton with his partner and their two dogs and when not travelling and working they enjoy long walks on the Downs, playing tennis and spending time with friends and their grown up sons.

Graham Soar

Director and Accountant

I worked in the private sector in finance and accountancy until aged 31. I then went on to form my own accountancy practise in 1981. Latterly moving towards part retirement, which involves getting others to do the hard work!

Since childhood I have been associated with choral music and the Anglican church. I have had some marvellous experiences singing in many of our English cathedrals. I have become aware of how much music plays a part in the enjoyment of good mental health and a great sense of camaraderie.

To me music is the sound of gentleness in all its forms.

Jane Groves

Admin, Social Media & PR

Jane has worked within retail management, Natural Beauty Brands and PR space for over 25 years, having worked for various high street companies and owning her own Skincare brand and small PR Boutique. These days Jane owns an online wellbeing company, The Mind, Body and Soul Project, and alongside this creates social media content for other businesses within the wellness/wellbeing industry.

Jane lives near Hayward’s Heath and in her spare time Jane enjoys creating natural skincare, essential oils, music, baking vegan treats, and walking.

Both Helen and Jerry understand not only the inter-relationship between our physical and emotional health but also the interplay between our personal wellbeing, our environments and communities.

Their vision is to lessen the suffering of loneliness and hurt by bringing connection, feelings of safety, worth and healing to the world. Read more here

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