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'Initially when I began to massage an elderly lady's hands she sat rocking with her eyes fixed to the floor. As I sat in front of her and conintued to gently massage her, her eyes lifted to meet mine. It was as if a veil was lifting from her eyes as she whispered, oh so quietly, 'Am I still alive'? 
'Yes', I replied with a big smile 'you are very much alive and your eyes are still so sparkly'. 
'Oh good she replied, I do want to be alive only sometimes I do just wonder'. 

''I really enjoyed this experience. It has restored my faith in humanity.... Thank you'. Sara 

''I haven't received such gentle touch for what feels an eternity.  It was wnderful.  It felt like coming home, coming back to a place of rest and peace within myself.  Just wonderful. Thank you''.   HO

"The hand massage is more relaxing than I thought and I like the way you are listening to me, I can tell you are listening for real without judgement. I feel much lighter now'.   A Gentleman at the Beacon

‘Thank you, I can feel your touch of Gentleness is helping heal my physical and emotional wounds'. A Ukranian refugee

Wow, I wasn't expecting to say all that! I don't know where it all came from but I am glad it did and that it got heard.  Thank you so much. I feel completely different now'.  B

My first massage with A Touch Of Gentleness volunteer was so lovely and just what I needed. Going through an awful amount of stress, Iiving on my own, in a rural area, I was feeling very low, isolated and had lower back pain...During my massage, and a friendly talk, I instantly felt relaxed and at ease,  my lower back pain had disappeared! I am so grateful, with the positive and supportive impact it had, I have decided to go on a training course myself! Thank you again 🙏🏻💚  Melissa
" That hand feels lighter than that one - that is so weird "   - BC after massaging the first hand. 
" I love that - can you do the other hand? "  SH

" My hands feel as light as a feather, I had no idea I was carrying so much tension "  CS

" My hands don't hurt any more, the arthritis was making them stiff and now they feel so supple " DG

" I feel calmer after that "  - AB

" I really needed someone to hold my hand - it's been so long "  RG
" Are you a healer ? Because that feels so good "   -  TL 


‘’What Helen and her team provide through A touch of gentleness is unique, calm & welcoming –They are really giving back to the local community and to those in need of a basic human connection.  I noticed through a simple act of kindness what it has done to uplift those visiting the centre - I am looking forward to welcoming the team back here at The Beacon, Eastbourne’’ Hend Moussa – Community Manager, The Beacon

'I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for yesterday for your flexibility, patience and calm approach. It seemed to be just what people wanted and if I am honest I did wonder if thinking of those attending if they would participate but it was great to see a queue!  Plus  I have had some fab feedback. Thank you. 
N. Wickham. Specialist Advisor – Tenant Involvement. Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough Councils 

''I just wanted to share what you said about touch at the end of life and in traumatic situations on the course a few days ago, as it  has already really helped me. Briefly I went over to an old friend's house to collect some clothes and while I was in one room picking the clothes up I heard a bang from another room. I went in to see what was going on and saw that my friend had had a fall.  I was able to remember what you had said about touch so I just sat next to him talking and stroking him, and it really helped keep me focused and with him in the moment.  I called his son and an ambulance but they took a long time to arrive so for the next hour or two I  got him as comfortable as I could, and kept gently stroking him. I felt like I was drawing on all the gentlest elements I knew. Eventually his son and the ambulance men arrived.  They were able to get him up off the floor, and took him into hospital overnight for checks and when I spoke to him yesterday evening he was thankfully home and totally sounded himself.  When I got home home that afternoon I was absolutely exhausted but also felt some comfort  with the knowledge that I had been able to do my absolute best for him. I feel truly grateful for all you had taught us about touch as it was so up in my mind and I had the presence to be able to apply it,  So thank you for your wisdom, it made a real difference to both of us on what would otherwise have felt like a very traumatic hours of hours''.   JN


''I couldn’t recommend this course more highly; Helen has a mesmerisingly gentle aura, her philosophical approach to healing therapies through the simplest of processes as of the "gentle touch”  just immediately resonated amongst the group. 

Helen’s ability to connect and to put me as a relative newbie to massage at ease was incredibly reassuring, combining her vast knowledge of wellbeing and listening techniques with a natural and intuitive understanding of people. I can’t believe we covered so much in 1 day! I have come away from the day with a willingness to connect with others, understanding the importance of touch and how many of us are lacking in this basic human sensory experience. I am practicing with a friend who has impartial sight and so far it’s going very well with the added bonus she is practicing on me, so a big win all round!  

Thank you, Helen and Jerry, for your dedication in creating A Touch of Gentleness, I am sure the effects of which will ripple out amongst the world, something that is so much needed at this present time and we all need to tap into''.  JW

'I enjoyed being part of the training day, being onboard something special and magical and being amongst like minded people.   I've always believed in the concept of 'pay it forward'  when a kindness is done,  and this will have a ripple effect.  Much needed in our world today.  I don't think I can put a score on the course as it is priceless'.  SC

'Such a beautiful concept for the new world, a world of love and gentleness. Thank you Helen and Jerry for all the work you have put into this and for the wonderful training day'. JM

“ I highly recommend this one day course which has been put together with a lot of care and professionalism. It combines, reflection, theory, hands-on practice of giving and receiving a hand massage and simply connecting with other people who want to share this gift of touch and presence. Helen took us through a really inspirational day where time stood still giving us the skills, motivation and confidence to go out and share A Touch of Gentleness with friends, family and the wider community. “ MB

“The Touch of Gentleness training day was a really comprehensive experience. For me it was the perfect blend of being both informative and literally ‘hands-on’. Helen explained about the importance of living with gentleness and touch in all our lives with some great stories and examples. She got us thinking too! Then we learnt how to pass on this gift to sooth, relax and uplift others. We were shown how to give a lovely relaxing hand massage – with lots of practice on each other! Although the training was just a day it was enough for me to feel confident in delivering this lovely, kind ‘present’ to others.

Oh, and as you would expect if you know Helen, it was all delivered with a good sprinkling of  humour and ‘Helen magic!’ I left feeling chilled and relaxed and keen to pass on what I had learnt.”  SH

 'I loved the training day for A Touch of Gentleness.  Full of practical advice together with sound theory, the day sped by.  It was made up of so many different elements, there really was something for everyone.   I would heartily recommend this course to anyone who wants to try it and be part of a movement that changes our world, one gentle touch at a time'.  BJ

'I came away from the day feeling proud, confident, happy with myself.  I learnt so much from the day and reminded myself I can do anything if I try. I also think about the word 'gentleness' so much more now-it's so powerful'. HL


'It’s so lovely to be able to bring a little bit of respite and comfort to people going through such a huge transition'. From a volunteer who offers A Touch of Gentleness at a cafe for Ukrainians

'I can't remember feeling so much appreciation. It is so lovely to both give and receive'.  PH

'It has given me so much more confidence'.  SJ

'I never knew I had anything to give anyone'. RT

'The people who receive the massage are so appreciative, but what really bowls me over is how it makes me feel to give it. Wondrously wondrous 😁😁🌈🌈...' JE

'Yesterday I stayed in bed all day.  Now I have something to get up for'.  Anonymous

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