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Our Mission

Who are we and what is our purpose?

A Touch of Gentleness is a not for profit organisation made up of a growing community of people.  Our mission is to bring the powerful transformative energy of gentleness, connection and touch back to society.

Loneliness and isolation has been an increasing societal problem for many years. Now due to the pandemic this problem has been exponentially exarcebated and is effecting millions of people.  We are here to help allieviate that suffering.  By offering gentle touch and a listening ear, we create a safe and healing space, from one human being to another.

What do we offer and how do we work?

Everyone needs to feel valued, heard, seen and cared about.  A Touch of Gentleness offers people just that. 

We train volunteers to give therapeutic hand massages and to deeply listen in gentleness  We then support them to offer this service wherever they are needed in society.

Both the volunteers that give the massage and those that receive the massage equally experience the physical and emotional benefits that gentle touch and human connection brings.

The organisation deeply values every individual volunteer and gives a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose to those that join.

As the  Touch of Gentleness family grows, it will bring the much needed healing medicine of connection to the world.

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‘The fittest may also be the gentlest because survival often requires mutual help and co-operation’.
Theodosius Dobhansky (1900 – 1975) Evolutionary Biologist


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We are a Non For Profit community interest company
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