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Healing a disconnected world through the power of touch and gentleness.

The giving of a therapeutic  hand massage by volunteers who are also trained in listening skills creates a space where people can rest and 'simply be' with others in connection.   
All our volunteers interactions are imbibed in the spirit of gentleness. 

We primarily offer our services to communities or organisations who would like to further support the care they provide for their staff, clientele or carers. Such organisations and communities include, but are not exclusive to, hospitals, hospices, corporate organisations, shelters for the homeless, libraries, mums groups, social clubs for the elderly, live events, health and wellbeing fairs and outdoor public spaces..

The frequency of how often we offer this service to organisations may vary from a one-off visit to weekly or monthly visits depending on their requirements and our volunteers availability.

If you would like to find out more about requesting our service please do get in contact. We are happy to chat and look forward to seeing how we could be of service.

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We are a Non For Profit community interest company
Company Number: 13649433

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